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Renewal Notice and Check Out Reminder

Renewal Notice and Check Out Reminder

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Dear Hostel Residents,
Hostel room renewal for January 2024 semester is now open. To avoid potential room cancellation and additional fees, please use the provided link to either renew your room or provide advance termination notice on/before December 18, 2023. A fine of RM100 will be imposed for late renewal after the deadline.

As per Resident Contract, all residents who have not renewed their rooms for the next semester and those who have not applied for an extended stay during the semester break more than 2 weeks must check out officially and surrender their room key(s) before leaving the hotel room, to the AO by the end of the examination week, otherwise the AO deposit will be forfeited without further notice. Also, residents must remove all their belongings from their hostel room upon check out (returning room key).

Hostel Renewal Form:

DSA also accepts manual renewal at the DSA office by filling the renewal form.

Should you have any questions, please proceed to the DSA office.

Best regards,
Accommodation Office (AO)